Raven is an exceptional little tabby cutie who spends his days roughhousing and playing with his 2 brothers, Little Bear and Bunny, and snuggling with them or just lounging in their down time. Born outside as community cats, the three boys have tamed up nicely, and they still adore a good comfort snuggle with their very shy young grandma, Delilah.


Raven is the more adventurous and confident kitten. He’s always ready for an intense play session, leaping and twisting while chasing a mousie or his favorite wand and feather toy. He and his brothers go crazy playing in their cat tunnel. Raven is a perfect balance of both crazy energetic kitten play and then delights in being pet and loved on while he purrs away. He has a sweet, very friendly disposition, and is very social. Raven likes being held and snuggled, even likes being held like a baby, then starts to purr and might stretch himself out across your arms and close his eyes with contentment. He is very observant, curious and tuned in to his person. He’s a relaxed, affectionate, playful young kitty.


Raven’s beautiful tabby coat is so soft, and he has a little heart-shaped marking on his nose, tiny black whisps on his ear tips, and adorable chubby-looking snow white legs and paws. He is a delightful little cat, brave and friendly and always at the front greeting me at the door or trying out a new toy. Raven’s more adventurous personality always inspires his sweet brothers Bunny and Little Bear.


It would be ideal for Raven to be adopted into his forever home together with one of his family: Little Bear, Bunny or Delilah, as they are deeply bonded. Otherwise he will need another nice playful kitty friend for companionship. He is very social and would not like being alone for long periods. I have a feeling Raven would be fine with mellow friendly dogs if introduced slowly. Raven goes easily into a carrier when needed.


Although born as community kittens, Raven and his brothers are drawn to people and affectionate companionship. They would likely be shy at first with new people and environments but will warm up and show their friendly and affectionate personalities given love, patience, feather toys and a little time. Having Churu treats on hand will help! This little family is precious, and as they have with me, each of them will continue to blossom and purr with their new forever family.


Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

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