What We Do


The core of what we do at Kitten Rescue is rescue, foster, care for, and adopt out cats and kittens. We do this to prevent them from dying on the streets or being euthanized at LA City Shelters. We rescue cats and kittens from a variety of situations. Most live in our volunteers’ homes and those volunteers foster them until we can find permanent homes for them. Some who need special care, are elderly, or are unlikely to be adopted live at the KR Cat Sanctuary.


Our volunteers care for all types of cats and kittens. We care for orphaned and abandoned kittens that need to be bottle-fed around the clock, moms with litters, cats that need socialization, and sick or injured animals. We care for the animals until they are old enough, healthy enough, and socialized enough. At that point, our volunteers work to find amazing, forever homes for them.


Between our Sanctuary in Atwater Village and our extensive foster network, Kitten Rescue cares for approximately 1200 animals at any given time.


Kitten Rescue takes care of all of its rescued cats’ medical needs and costs. We ensure the spay/neuter,  feline leukemia (FeLV) and FIV tests, vaccinations, deworming, flea treatment and microchipping of each and every animal prior to adoption.


We have multiple life-saving programs at Kitten Rescue. A cornerstone of what we do is outreach and education. Kitten Rescue educates the public on responsible pet guardianship. We teach people how to care for kittens and cats, and explain the importance of spaying and neutering. We coach people on Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and managing feral cat colonies. During kitten season, our volunteers also teach bottle-feeding classes for people who want to care for unweaned kittens.

  • The KR Sanctuary

    In 2006, we acquired our own private, no-kill cat sanctuary. The KR Sanctuary is a spacious, indoor/outdoor shelter facility that can house up to 150 cats. It has its own full-time staff and volunteers to provide care and socialization for the cats who are housed there. (Click image to read more.)

  • Our Foster Network

    Our foster network makes up the largest part of Kitten Rescue. Our animals come to us from many channels, mostly from shelters or the streets. Our volunteers take them in, clean them up, get them healthy, and shower them with love until a forever home is found. (Click image to read more.)

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