Callie and Freya

Callie and Freya were rescued from a backyard as strays by me, a KR volunteer. A few cats had been coming to a friend’s house for the past two years for meals. They all looked rather shabby and would hangout most of the day, they didn’t seem to have homes. Callie and Freya were very scared of me, but I knew there was hope for them since they both had a relationship with the homeowner. The house was being sold, Callie and Freya needed loving homes.


Callie is a beautiful calico with lovely golden eyes. She is very sweet and loves attention!  At first she is a little shy and skittish, but with some time and patience she really loves to play and be pet. Callie will come and rub on your legs when she wants your attention, enjoys sitting next to you on the couch, and is quick to purr. Feathers are her favorite toys! She is so cute when she rolls around on her back to get at toys, she is pretty funny to watch as she shoots herself across the floor. She gets along well with my other cats, as long as they are being friendly towards her. Callie has a very calm, loving and playful demeanor.


Freya is the prettiest long haired beauty! With her snow white fur and her blue and green eyes, she’s sure to turn heads! Freya is such a sweet little puff ball! She loves to be pet and scratches behind the ear, just be slow with her. Freya is a little nervous about being picked up but she is getting used to it and has even joined me to hangout on the couch! Hopefully she will grow into a full fledged lap cat! Even though she is a little scared, she still comes when I call her to get some pets. Freya enjoys playing with crinkle balls, mice, and stuffed pillowy type toys. While she will go after a wand toy a little bit, she really goes after the mice! She gets along with my other cats, as long as they are being friendly towards her. Freya has a calm, sweet and quiet demeanor.


Both of these girls will need a lot of patience and a relatively quiet home. It took some time for them to warm up to me, but they did!


Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

Kitten Rescue is located in Los Angeles, CA and we only adopt animals to homes in the greater Los Angeles area.










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