Bunny is a sweet little cat, a bit more shy than his 2 brothers and sometimes a little serious, but he will warm up pretty quickly. It’s like he can’t help himself ~ he knows he was a “wild kitten” but can’t resist the temptation of getting pet and loved on so his barrier melts easily 😉 Bunny was named after the funny little hops he did as he was first learning to play and chase toys, and his adorable white “bunny feet.” Born outside as community cats, the boys have all tamed up nicely, and they still adore a good snuggle with their young grandma, Delilah.


Bunny loves roughhousing and playing hard with his brothers, Raven and Little Bear, and he loves chasing his favorite wand toys and mousies. As his leaping and playing skills have increased so has his confidence. He’s always ready to play! When he’s not playing hard, you might find him in full snuggle mode in the sink with Little Bear or just resting up next to Raven with a blissful expression. His shape and coloring was described as that of a “Turkish Rex,” pure white with black markings on his head and tail. Bunny has a long, beautiful thick black tail with a white tip on the end, and he is longer and more lean with a very handsome expressive face.


Bunny has a very sweet, sensitive side and his regal little face tends to show what he’s feeling. So with loving reassurance and affection he continues to bloom into the friendly and affectionate kitty that he is. Bunny likes being held and snuggled, and face scratchies are his weakness. He likes kisses on his head and sometimes he’ll even melt into my arms. He recently discovered his purr motor and he puts it to good use while being held and snuggled or even just while napping. Like his brothers and grandma, he goes crazy for Churu treats!


It would be ideal for Bunny to be adopted into his forever home together with one of his family: Raven, Little Bear or Delilah, as they are deeply bonded. Otherwise he will need another nice playful kitty friend to keep company for play and kitty companionship. He is a social kitty and would not like being alone for long periods. Bunny might also be OK with mellow friendly dogs when introduced slowly, and would do so especially well if he has one of his family with him. He goes easily into a carrier when needed. He is such a good little cat!


Although born as community kittens, Bunny and his brothers are drawn to people and affectionate companionship. They will likely be shy at first with new people and environments, but will warm up and show their very friendly and affectionate personalities given love, patience, feather toys and a little time. Having Churu treats on hand will help! This little family is precious, and as they have with me, each of them will continue to blossom and purr with their new forever family.


Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

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