• Axel-and-Cheyenne

  • Axel-and-Cheyenne

  • Axel-and-Cheyenne

  • Axel-and-Cheyenne

Axel and Cheyenne

Axel and Cheyenne are sibling cats who are practically inseparable, usually ending the day sleeping with each other snuggling on the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house. These two excel at lounging! Like most siblings, they play running back and forth across the house chasing and tackling each other and can also get snippy with each other once in a blue moon. They’re symbiotic in every way but as individuals here is where they really shine:


Axel is the cuddle puddle driven 10,000% by food. He loves to come up and sleep on you, stretching his long paws across your legs and using your  body as his ultimate pillow. If left up to him, he would eat until the end of time. He can come across as dominant when sharing food right next to his sister, but she stands her ground very well. Axel is also a climber. He loves finding any high point in the house to scope the scene. He’s very adventurous, playful, friendly, and inquisitive. He loves being picked up and cuddled and especially loves chasing laser pens. Axel likes: chicken, laser pens, cuddling, being pet, being groomed, chin scratches, catnip in his toys, sitting in your lap, sunbathing in windows, running for treats, cat towers, wrestling with his sister, strings of yarn, tummy rubs, licking your fingers, cleaning himself, cleaning his sister. Axel dislikes: dirty litter boxes and not being able to be in the same room with you late at night to sleep.


Cheyenne is also a very mellow cat, definitely the bigger lounge cat. She looks fat but it’s just fluff….she is similar to a marshmallow, dense with no weight. Cheyenne is also very friendly though she is timid in the beginning. She has the tendency to hide when new people enter your house but she comes out eventually and will always mash her head into you for a pet when she doesn’t feel threatened. Though she doesn’t like to be picked up, she may rival Axel for friendliest cat ever! She will walk around with a small ball or toy in her mouth and meow like she caught her meal for the day. She also is a fan of high perch spots as well as anything like a cubbie to snuggle and hide in. While she may not always lay with you on your bed and cuddle like Axel, you may be surprised to wake up with her sleeping next to you or making muffins on your stomach. She’s sweet, quiet, chic, athletic, fast, and cautious. Cheyenne likes: sunbathing, grooming and brushing, hanging out with you in the bathroom, and chittering at birds outside.


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Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

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