Community Foster Agreement


Community fosters, like our regular fosters, are required to have their foster cats fixed (spayed/neutered), tested for feline leukemia (FeLV) and FIV, vaccinated, dewormed, treated for fleas and microchipped before taking them out to adoptions. We can provide any needed vaccinations, worming medicine and flea treatment for free, but you are responsible for the fixing and testing, though we can help by referring you to low-cost clinics or clinic that provide a discount for this program.


Once these are done, the cats are ready for adoption. If you can take a digital picture of them, we can put them up on our website; if not, we may be able to find someone with a digital camera to assist you. In addition, you can bring them to adoption events on the weekend. To do this, you have to reserve a cage (or cages) with our adoption event coordinator.


You should bring copies of all medical records to the adoption events, and the cats must be healthy (no sneezing, diarrhea, worms, fleas, etc.) and presentable. If you need to have the cats vaccinated, dewormed or treated for fleas, you should contact one of the meds holders listed in the welcome letter; to have the cat microchipped in advance or to arrange for chipping at an adoption event, contact one of the microchippers in our group.


We do require that community fosters cover the cost of the chip + pre-paid registration ($10/cat), and this is reimbursable to you after adoption if you place the cat through our organization.


You are, of course, free to place the cats outside of our organization; how you do this is your own business, though of course we hope you follow our same adoption policies for the cat’s benefit. Our policies are that we adopt only to homes that will keep the cats indoors and will not declaw them. We also will not adopt pets out as gifts, and have guidelines against adopting young kittens out to homes with no other pets or to homes with very young children. Don’t let these policies scare you — we adopt out over 1,000 cats every year. We have an adoption questionnaire that you can use with potential adopters.


If you place the cats through our organization (this is required if the adoption arises from a contact at one of our adoption events or from our web site), then we have an adoption contract which the adopter must fill out, and a mandatory adoption donation — $120 for one cat or kitten, and $80 for any additional cats or kittens adopted at the same time. After adoption, we will reimburse your spay/neuter, testing and microchipping expenses up to the amount of the adoption donation, provided you submit an expense report together with receipts within 60 days of adoption. We can provide you with the form of expense report if you need it.


Once you complete the short Community Foster form below, we will get you set up in our system and issue ID numbers for the kitties. All of our foster cats have ID numbers for tracking, accounting and data entry purposes.


This is a lot to digest in one sitting! Luckily, the Community Fostering program is much easier than it might first appear. Of course, if you have any questions along the way or need any help navigating the maze of medical and other requirements, we would be happy to help you.


By entering into a partnership with Kitten Rescue, you agree to abide by the terms of this agreement as outlined below:


1. I am making a commitment to provide love, safety, and care for the animal(s) I am placing through Kitten Rescue until they are adopted into permanent homes. I understand that this may take weeks or even months, depending on the age of the cat(s).


2. I understand that Kitten Rescue may rescind this agreement for failure to comply with any provision herein or any other Kitten Rescue policy or procedure, at which time clause 12(b) shall become effective.


3. I have disclosed all pertinent information about the cat(s)/kitten(s) that may impact its adoption including but not limited to behavioral problems, pre-existing medical problems, socialization problems, or litter box problems.


4. I understand that the cat(s) I am placing through Kitten Rescue must be tested for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and FIV, spayed or neutered, and microchipped at my own expense.


5. I will keep the cats I am fostering indoors at all times.


6. I will provide at my own expense, food, litter, flea shampoo, and all other supplies relating to adequate and appropriate care. Kitten Rescue will provide basic medical care, including and limited to, vaccinations, deworming for roundworms (Nemex/Strongid) and tapeworms (Droncit), and Advantage flea control as needed. Any outstanding medical care due to conditions pre-existing or subsequent to my partnership with Kitten Rescue will be discussed with Kitten Rescue Board Members.


7. I will not put my animal(s) up for adoption until they are healthy and if kittens, at least two pounds in weight (approximately 8 weeks old). Under no circumstances will I adopt out a cat or kitten through Kitten Rescue until it has been spayed or neutered.


8. I will abide by the policies endorsed by Kitten Rescue relative to what constitutes a suitable home.


9. I will transport or arrange for transportation of my kitten(s)/cat(s) to weekend adoption events regularly until they are adopted.


10. If I choose to assist with an adoption event, I will abide by the same guidelines regarding arrival, set up; breakdown, adoption screening, etc. adhered to by other volunteers.


11. I will keep up-to-date medical records of all medical care and bring copies of the records with the animal to all adoptions.


12. If I am no longer able to foster my cat(s)/kitten(s), I will either:


a) Make arrangements for them to be fostered by another individual who is not already a Kitten Rescue Foster until they are placed in permanent homes, or


b) Reimburse Kitten Rescue for all medical care provided to my animal(s) and place them via different sources.


13. If my kitten(s)/cat(s) are given up in the future by their adopter, I agree to accept them backinto foster until they are placed again.


14. I understand that Kitten Rescue receives and keeps the adoption fee to support the organization’s medical, advertising and administrative costs.

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    I certify that I have read and agree with the Community Foster Program and all of the above information is true and accurate.
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To download a blank PDF of this Community Foster Agreement for your records, click here. You may also fill this out manually instead of online, and either fax it back to us at (818) 337-2186 or mail it to Kitten Rescue at: 3519 Casitas Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039. Once we receive it, we’ll get back in touch to get you started.