• Tyrion-and-Greyjoy

  • Tyrion-and-Greyjoy

  • Tyrion-and-Greyjoy

  • Tyrion-and-Greyjoy

  • Tyrion-and-Greyjoy

  • Tyrion-and-Greyjoy

  • Tyrion-and-Greyjoy

Tyrion and Greyjoy

Two cat loving young women rescued Tyrion and his sister Greyjoy from the garage in their apartment building living under cars. To witness the cuteness, watch the video.


It took a couple of weeks to adjust to the new environment but Tyrion is brave and curious and Greyjoy quickly mustered up her own courage to start exploring and playing in the apartment. They both now love scratches under their chins and eating treats or food from your hand. They are devoted to each other and they play and cuddle all day long. If Tyrion doesn’t know where Greyjoy is, he will chirp for her (which is the most adorable sounding meow a cat has ever made.) They like to run and chase laser lights and climb everywhere.


Tyrion is not passive but in the presence of an older house cat he is humble … while making every attempt to win them over to play with them. Greyjoy is passive and although she may hiss in fear she is easy to pick up. Tyrion does not like to be picked up and will fight it. For now, gloves and blankets are needed for times when he needs to be picked up. Their foster moms used super short periods of “lap time” to help Greyjoy get comfortable with humans to teach her being held was no big deal and was actually kinda nice! They are still young so playing is their primary focus. When napping they welcome petting and chin scratches and will not want you to stop. Their forever family will need to be patient. If you hold your hand out and ask Tyrion to “boop” you he almost always stops what he is doing to come and gently “boop” your fingers with his cute little nose. If there’s a treat for him that’s a bonus! Greyjoy enjoys sneaking up on Tyrion when he isn’t looking and playing with toys. She has not made any meows as of yet but perhaps she is saving her voice for her forever family. She is obsessed with chasing the laser light if you need her to come out of hiding. She is very curious about the house cat and watches her every move and is not afraid of wrestling with her brother right near her.


One thing to remember is that Tyrion and Greyjoy will need more time to adjust to a new home and new people given they were rescued a little bit later in age than kittens that have no trouble trusting people. They will have to learn to trust every new person they meet and they absolutely will with time and with a calm and gentle approach.


Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

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