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Tiger is a sweet old lady cat who’s had a very rough time of it. She spent her first twelve years of life with a human who loved her — until one day the human decided she wanted a kitten instead, and poor Tiger was on her way to the shelter to be euthanized. Luckily, this heartless woman’s daughter took Tiger in, but unfortunately, Tiger wasn’t used to other cats and small children, and she got very stressed out.  That’s when a Kitten Rescue volunteer stepped in to try to find her a new, loving, FOREVER home with no other cats — just a kind human to give and receive love and let sweet Tiger feel safe again.


Tiger is immensely affectionate and engaged, and is quite the talker, with very emphatic meows when she’s happy to see you, and chirpy little meows when she knows you’re not going away again, just to tell you how much she adores you. All she wants is to have lots of love in her life and not lose her human again.


Tiger just had a comprehensive senior blood panel done, and the results were stellar. To quote the vet tech, “If someone gave me this lab work and asked me to guess the age of the cat, I’d say two to four years old.” So in spite of her somewhat advanced years, Tiger is in great shape.  She’s lost some of the fur on her back end and tail from over-grooming due to nervousness and loneliness, but it will grow back again once she knows she can finally relax.  And even though she’s going through so much right now, she’s still got a great appetite and impeccable litter-box habits


Tiger is now with a foster who has other cats, and although she’s not having to encounter them, she knows they’re there and it makes her feel unsafe, so she has moments of crankiness due to her insecurity. But once she’s in a home where she’s the only cat, and she knows that she’s safe and secure, we’re sure that she’ll feel calm and peaceful again and return to being the snuggle-puss she longs to be.


This is what Tiger’s original mom’s daughter wrote about her: “She really just needs somebody who is willing to work with her. She has anxiety, but is so loving to her owners and loves to meow and cuddle. Before my mom got tired of her and dumped her on me, she would sleep under my mom’s blanket with her and sit on my mom’s lap during all of her Zoom meetings.”


That is the REAL Tiger.  Would you be the angel who brings Tiger into your life to live out her days and let her know that humans really can be true and kind, and bring her back to her true, loving self? Please be that person. Tiger needs you.


Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

Kitten Rescue is located in Los Angeles, CA and we only adopt animals to homes in the greater Los Angeles area.










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