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Special Needs: He is currently on Prozac to help with all of the unsettling transitions he’s been through.


Oh, the tales his tail could tell! He’s been on quite a journey. He started as an indoor/outdoor and was a hunter extraordinaire. The biggest gift he ever brought his mom was a hawk. He and his mom had to move to an apartment, and this happy hunter found himself indoors. He suddenly had lots of extra energy not being outside, so a catio or some outdoor space would be great for him, or lots of playtimes.

Then, his mom wasn’t herself. Sadly, she developed dementia. During this time, he saved her life once and would get protective if he thought she was in danger. His mom’s behavior got confusing for him. He’s now missing his mom, who had to move to memory care. It was a big change for him and a confusing time. Sadly, there just is no way to explain to an animal why these huge life changes happen. Noir is doing his best to adjust. He’s a quirky, funny big boy who loves to climb. He loves to be brushed, but he has to do it his way. He likes to lick the brush, then rub his face against it, have no fear; he’ll show you the way!


He gets playful streaks, frequently plays, and hops when he’s happy, but it’s been a while because he misses his mom. We know his heart will mend with time, and he will show his new family his true self. Oh, what a joyous day that will be!  Once he loves you, you will get many head-bumps, purrs, and kisses and curl up against your legs. Once he trusts you, he will be as loyal and protective as a dog! He’s super intelligent and, at age 7, was learning to walk on a leash, but it takes a lot of patience and a safe space.


Because he is sad and scared about his mom, he’s had to make hard adjustments, so men can be scary, and so can other pets and kids. He’s a ladies’ man and would do best with a female household or in a calm environment as an “only” pet. In the end, what Noir needs is an experienced owner who understands he spent a long time in a home with someone he shared a life with, and it is going to take time, patience, a calm environment, and treats to win him over, but he is so worth the wait! He truly is a diamond in the rough. He’s been through something no animal should have to go through. The only thing he needs now is a loving home where he can live out the rest of his life, once more a treasured member of a family.


Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

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