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*** Good with DOGS and CATS (Kittens too!) ****


With first impressions, I may seem a little “catty” but actually, I’m VERY sweet! When you come home I will be sitting right there to greet you. And when I say “greet”, I mean I meow about how much I’ve missed you and tell you about all the birds I saw in the window. You wouldn’t expect me to have such a cute tiny meow, but I do. And then I can listen as you tell me about your day! I’m a pretty good listener and even better with some chin rubs, hehe.


One of my favorite activities is to hunt my colorful fluffy toy mice. It’s my #1 toy. I play with it daily to show off what a mighty huntress I am. After exercising, I often enjoy curling up in close proximity to a human. If I’m feeling lovey, I may curl up right next to you.


I cannot resist when a hand is put out to offer to pet me. I will trot over and aggressively (but cutely) push for pets on my head and under my chin. If you’re exercising or stretching, I might try a few cheek rubs with you.


My foster home has a small dog, so I am used to their kind. Sometimes I miss her when she goes out for a pee break and meow when they leave. I also try to offer her cheek rubs when she comes back, but I don’t think she understands me. My foster parent has been taking me out with them on a secure carrier a few times on their walks and I’ve enjoyed them.


There also used to be a foster kitten who was my pal and I used to wrestle with everyday. An ideal home would have another kitten playmate.


A few other things I enjoy: cardboard scratch things, catnip, and plants. Having cat grass around would be nice to nibble on. Other houseplants that are dangerous for cats are a big no-no. I will eat them.

I can be picked up, but it’s not my favorite thing. I have to be held in a specific way. Sometimes if I’m feeling reserved I hide out in high places, but ever since I’ve been fostered I’ve been more outgoing and comfortable hanging around the humans on their level. Before my foster home, I ended up in a shelter due to an animal hoarding case and became part of Kitten Rescue once I was released from evidence hold. Sometimes fast movement scares me, but I am getting quite used to it.


I would do better in a home without younger children. Looking for someone who understands my very cat-like nature of hunting and cardboard scratching. Having another animal or playmate for me is a plus for my well-being. I also need to have some pet-friendly plants to nibble on. Will you be my human soul-mate? <3


More pics and vids of me:



Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

Kitten Rescue is located in Los Angeles, CA and we only adopt animals to homes in the greater Los Angeles area.










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