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Florence is adorable, a little shy, quite curious, and very smart.  She is a darling Calico with exceptionally soft fur. In her first foster setting she met another cat, Delphine, and they became best friends. A year has passed, they are now in a different foster home, and they groom each other, sleep together, sleep with you, play together, and chase each other to the top shelf of the cat condo. It is clear the best scenario for Florence is to be adopted with Delphine. They are a bonded pair.


When Florence first came to my foster home she hid behind the toilet for 26 hours. She was tame but very shy and even took medication for anxiety. (She no longer needs it or takes it.) She may have struggled to get what she needed from her owner. It was, after all, her owner who surrendered her. Perhaps someone in that household abused Florence and the owner didn’t think about alternatives. I saw evidence that she had been abused. She used to flinch when she thought she was about to be hit. If I merely raised my hand to pet her she would assume she was going to be hit and she would either flinch or hide. But, thankfully, she has made so much progress and is becoming more confident each and every day. She comes close to me (her idea) and no longer flinches. She approaches all my visitors, both strangers and folks she knows.


To Florence, there is nothing better than following Delphine from room to room. She is also quick to play with and chase little mice or balls that she bats around. She loves sitting near the window and watching the birds. Florence enjoys being petted from her head down her spine. She shows affection and will lie down beside my legs because she likes sleeping near her family. She also likes being on the cat condo or spooning in a cat bed with Delphine, especially when she can peek out to see you.


When Florence sees any sign of food coming out she gets excited and meows loudly, often running in circles or standing on her hind legs. She loves to lick her food bowl clean and she eats quickly. She has to be fed separately from Delphine or she will eat her BFF’s food too. Since she is so easily motivated by food, pieces of kibble have been excellent for training purposes.


She is very well behaved and 95% of the time she scratches the cat condos or scratching post and not something else. Florence’s soft fur (Calico) makes her truly beautiful. Then, there are her eyes — her huge, expressive eyes, with the prettiest shade of yellow.) They are gorgeous and shine with all the great warmth and love Florence has to give.

It’s Florence’s turn and Delphine’s turn to find the wonderful forever home they so richly deserve – together. Anyone lucky enough to make Florence and Delphine part of their family will be blessed with loving and devoted companions.


Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

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