• Brick-and-Sharkbite

  • Brick-and-Sharkbite

  • Brick-and-Sharkbite

  • Brick-and-Sharkbite

Brick and Sharkbite

Brick has one philosophy – party hard, love harder. When it’s wake up time Brick parties like his parents are out of town and left the liquor cabinet unlocked. He’s curious and mischievous and deceptively innocent. That being said he happily plays with toys allotted to him and he’s slowly learning life lessons such plants are not to be sat upon. He’s down with any and all toys. Laser pointers, balls, feather chasers, cardboard boxes, unpaid taxes that have been balled up under your sofa for two years – he really isn’t particular. Nor is Brick exclusive. Everyone is invited to the party, so long as they’re cool with him being the life of it.


As hard as he rages, Brick loves harder. When it is nap time you better be ready to have him on or around your neck. It’s so stinking cute. It would be a travesty if he went to a home where he wasn’t allowed to sleep in bed with his family because that’s what he lives for. He is an absolute people cat. If you’re working he will graciously settle for a lap. Brick has slept through many a client presentation already, as corporate work bores him. And it’s a little soon to tell but he might be one of the cats who follows you everywhere. So hopefully you don’t need to pee alone.


And Sharkbite. If Stephen Colbert’s summary of reincarnation were to be correct, in a past life Sharkbite was definitely a righteous slug. Perfect angel muffin head baby Sharkbite is truly a special one.


Sharkbite has this way of looking at the world with a curious independence mixed with an unalterable innocence. He’s stealth, so without noticing he might be sitting right next to you at any given moment, and being hand raised means he is often right next to you. Sharkbite is both gentle and wise. He observes and learns quickly. It took him about four minutes to learn the litter box. He tends to hang back a second longer than his brother Brick but grasp things far more quickly. However he will gladly follow his brother into whatever trouble Brick has planned for the day. He’s no nark.


Sharkbite just has such an endearing innocence about him. He loves love. When you look down and he’s waiting at your feet to be picked up, you get that ‘he picked me!’ feeling. He also has this sort of pure way of trusting you that makes it feel important to do good by him. He’s the kind of cat you’d move mountains to make happy.


He’s also subtly beautiful (and soft). I call him a just kidding tabby. He looks black until you realize he has these hidden stripes in his fur, like ‘just kidding, I’m a tabby!’ Though at first glance they look different, with identical eyes and stripes, he and Brick are totally twinning.


Sharkbite will be going to his forever home with his brother, Brick. It’s Kitten Rescue policy to adopt kittens in pairs but also I wouldn’t dream of splitting these two up. As orphans it has always been them against the world. But it’s a world they will gladly welcome you into.


Brick and Sharkbite are going to grow into amazing cats for someone looking for more than just pets, but true companions.


Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

Kitten Rescue is located in Los Angeles, CA and we only adopt animals to homes in the greater Los Angeles area.










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