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Baker was a backyard resident kitty when a couple moved to their new home in Westchester. They assume he belonged to someone but enjoyed their yard. He was a calm and handsome guy who enjoyed the sunshine. Then they noticed he started limping and reached out to neighbors who said he had been abandoned when his “owners” moved. The couple took him to the vet and found out that there was nothing structurally wrong with his leg, just some arthritis and favors the other legs. He runs, jumps, climbs, and lands just fine. He is joyful being safe and spoiled indoors.


Baker instantly loved his caretakers fur acknowledging him and bringing him indoors to safety and a soft bed. He launched an unexpected full on campaign to become best friends with them.


We named him Baker because he is constantly kneading “making biscuits”. All he wants is to eat and snuggle. He has been a perfect guest! He is a polite kitty and quiet (until you come to visit him at which time he starts chatting and purring up a storm). He has started playing with toys and his little personality is really shining through.  He is indifferent to our resident kitty but likes to be around everyone. We believe he would do fine in a multi cat household, but that he would relish the opportunity to be his family’s one and only kitty.


Baker is around 5 yrs old, healthy and FIV+. FIV is not a big deal; given proper care and attention, an FIV+ cat will live the same lifespan as an FIV negative cat. FIV is not casually transmissible between cats, it requires a deep bite wound that is rather unheard of in a home setting and certainly not with a gentle lover like Baker. There’s a fair amount of bad superficial understanding of FIV that floats around the internet or in the veterinary practitioner circle (since they don’t see it often), so if you want to really learn about it, you should start here for a basic FAQ. If you want to read a peer-reviewed study on whether FIV is casually transmissible, then go  here. If you’d like to read a much more detailed and comprehensive FAQ about FIV, we highly recommend this site, which also has information about care, health monitoring, diet, and supplements used by owners of FIV cats.

Our boy Baker: His hobbies include making biscuits, making friends, grooming himself, eating, purring, basking in the sun and chatting with his people. Contact his foster family for a playdate to meet him!


Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas
Tested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped

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