The Kitten Nursery


In 2016, we opened the Kitten Nursery, co-located at the KR Sanctuary. The Kitten Nursery helps us care for large numbers of unweaned, neonatal kittens rescued from LA City Shelters. These kittens need round-the-clock care in order to survive. Kitten Rescue dedicated staff and volunteers care for these “bottle babies” and tiny kittens until they are ready for weaning, at which point they are moved into foster care homes and made available for adoption.


Orphaned kittens are the most helpless victims of the homeless cat overpopulation in Los Angeles. Often kittens under two pounds are brought to the shelter and, due to shelter policies, cannot be adopted out to the public and are immediately euthanized. Kitten Rescue has a special relationship with the city shelters and we rescue as many of these tiny kittens as we can, otherwise they would not have a chance at life.

Take a Virtual Tour of our Kitten Nursery

Bottles, Babies and Naptime (Oh My!)

During kitten season, March through October in LA, the Nursery operates around the clock as staff and volunteers care for several litters of young kittens. Many of the cats we rescue are nursing moms with litters. We also rescue a lot of baby kittens, some only days old.


These orphaned kittens get bottle-fed by hand until they’re weaned. They receive ongoing medication, if necessary, for common (and uncommon!) kitten illnesses. All need love and attention. When they’ve grown to weigh two pounds, they are big enough to be spayed/neutered and to receive their first round of kitten vaccines. After that, they are ready for adoption into amazing, new homes.


Funded in part by Best Friends as part of the NKLA initiative, the Kitten Nursery allows Kitten Rescue to save hundreds of the most at-risk orphaned kittens every year. Please consider donating today to help us continue this important life-saving program. It takes a village to raise… lots and lots of kittens!

Watch Our LIVE Nursery Cam!

Note: During the day, you’ll see a live feed of our baby kittens. In the late evenings, you’ll see a few of our special needs kittens, who are staying with us indefinitely until we can find perfect, forever homes for them.